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The Weight Wellbeing Clinic Cork    Mallow , Co. Cork

The Weight Wellbeing Clinic

Maeve O'Meara


"If you really want something you will find a way, otherwise you will find an excuse"


The Weight Wellbeing Clinic offers an integrated approach to Nutrition and Wellbeing and related disorders.


Our vision is to achieve optimum nutrition, weight, improve digestion, boost your health, beat stress, anxiety and fatigue. 

Combining her 17 years of travelling around the world with her experiences and qualifications, Maeve O'Meara founded the 'Beat the Bulge Programme'in Cork in July 2011. She then integrated her weight and nutrition programme with her Complementary Therapies and has established a unique and natural way to help people loos weight, gain optimum health, reduce anxiety and stress yet remain motivated to achieve a better Wellbeing.


Consultations and treatments are offered with confidentiality, kindness and integrity in a safe, secure, holistic environment.


Contact Maeve for any course and workshops that may be in your area.

Email Address:  maeve.weightwellbeing@gmail.com or  maeve.beatthebulge@gmail.com  

Address: Wentworth Dromore , Mallow, Co.Cork
Contact: 083-1114646


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The Weight Wellbeing Clinic Cork

Mallow, Co.Cork
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