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Reed Bed Systems   Carrick On Suir , Co. Tipperary


Pond plants and  aquatic plants occupy a wide range of habitats, from clear streams and lakes to brackish fens, bog pools and drainage ditches. Some Irish waterways are badly affected with agricultural and forestry run-offs causing a harmful build-up of algae. Others remain clean and oxygenated, benefitting the health of both plant and fish life. 


We supply some of the most important system components for the proper operation of reed beds for water treatment

Reed beds offer a natural solution to domestic wastewater treatment that avoids the use of pumps, blowers or other electromechanical alternative

New Septic Tank Regulations?

At a minimum, the new regulations require that one off houses have a system that is compliant with the EPA code of practice for domestic waste water treatment systems; or that the treated water is in compliance with water discharge regulations. Our reed bed systems comply in both respects.




Address: Carrick On Suir, Carrick On Suir, Co.Tipperary
Contact: 0877731526
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Reed Bed Systems

Carrick On Suir, Co.Tipperary
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