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BARRY SHEEHY WATER SYSTEMS   Mitchelstown , Co. Cork

Where for over 30 years we have combined Low Prices with the Luxury of Soft Water. We have the experience to give you exactly what you want. Take a look at our website and feel free to call us for advice. We will help you in any way we can.

Using any of our units we can help you have & the quality water you and your family deserve. We are all aware of the benefits that good water has for us, both for our health in drinking it and in our everyday use for washing etc. Invest in a simple system that makes living a luxury for you!

Your Family's Well Being is Priceless, and  water plays a vital roll. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, it just makes sense that the water we drink and bath in be pure and free of contaminates. But... that's not the case even well water has harmful substances that over time will take it's toll on your family and home's health and length of life!



Water Softeners and Purification Contact Barry Sheehy, Derryvillane, Mitchelstown, Co.Cork022 25533 or 087 9263210

Address: Derryvillane,, Mitchelstown, Co.Cork
Contact: 087 9263210 / 022 25533


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Mitchelstown, Co.Cork
087 9263210 / 022 25533
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