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Reed Bed Systems Carlow   Carlow , Co. Carlow



Introductory information on Reed Beds and ecological sewage treatment systems.

Growing reeds in sewage.

Reed beds for sewage treatment comprise of an area in the garden with tall grass like plants, reeds, growing to 2 meters in height above the gravel of a filter bed.
Area. The area for a family of 5 people will be 3 m x 3 m approx for basic treatment and a second bed of similar area for polishing or tertiary treatment of the final discharge .

Mechanical maintenance?

Reed beds are often specified in order to avoid long-term mechanical or electrical maintenance. Unlike package treatment plants, reed beds, assuming adequate fall, can work by gravity alone. Reed beds are therefore a natural gravity alternative to mechanised systems. 

Address: Carlow, Carlow, Co.Carlow
Contact: 0877731526
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Description Year Area Engine Mileage Fuel Type Price

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Reed Bed Systems Carlow

Carlow, Co.Carlow
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